AP "Live in Madrid" DVD


Live In Madrid - DVD

For years fans have been looking for a video from Alan Parsons and finally that dream has come true!

The "Live In Madrid" video was recorded during the May 14, 2004 show at Plaze Mayor in Madrid. The location is a gorgeous plaza surrounded by historoic buildings. The audience was in fine form and the reception grew stronger as the nigh wore on.

It's an amazing performance and for many fans this is the first opportunity they will have to see Alan's new touring band. These truly professional musicians give a polished performace, and perhaps have the best harmony of any of the various band line-ups that Alan has toured with. An added treat is that Alan sings lead vocals on three songs and all band members take turns doing lead vocals.

This DVD is currently only available via AlanParsonsMusic.com .

Song Listings:

I Robot instrumental

Can't Take It With You vocals: P.J. Olsson

Don't Answer Me vocals: Alan Parsons

Breakdown / The Raven vocals: Steve Murphy / P.J. Olsson

Time vocals: P.J. Olsson

Psychobabble vocals: Steve Murphy

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocals: John Montagna

Damned If I Do vocals: P.J. Olsson

More Lost Without You vocals: P.J. Olsson

Don't Let It Show vocals: P.J. Olsson

Prime Time vocals: Godfrey Townsend

band intros

Sirius / Eye In The Sky vocals: Alan Parsons


(The System Of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether vocals: P.J. Olsson

Games People Play vocals: Alan Parsons / P.J. Olsson


This concert was sponsored M80 Radio in Madrid.


ALAN PARSONS: Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals

P.J. OLSSON: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

GODFREY TOWNSEND: Lead Guitar and Vocals

STEVE MURPHY: Drums and Vocals

MANNY FOCARAZZO: Keyboards and Vocals

JOHN MONTAGNA: Bass Guitar and Vocals

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